Tecra’s Family Reportedly Approved her Love Affair and Conversion to Muslim – Close Relative Spills

Tecra’s Family Reportedly Approved her Love Affair and Conversion to Muslim – Close Relative Spills
Even as reports indicate Tecra’s family never saw eye-to-eye with Omar, it turns out they had actually officially approved Tecra and Omar’s relationship and seemingly ‘marriage’.

Yes, it has been claimed that the Keroche family strongly felt that the man was taking advantage of her because of their huge age difference.

However, according to Omar’s cousin, Mohamed Ali Mohamed, Tecra and Omar’s relationship had been formally approved by her family.

Mohamed Ali divulged that Tecra would go to her parents’ home in Naivasha for barely a fortnight and return to Lamu where she would spend months, before her parents became aware.

Adding that Tecra’s parents were against the union at first but this never pushed Tecra into giving up on love.

Instead, she took Lali to Naivasha to see her parents and seek blessings for their marriage.

Eventually, the parents reportedly gave in and let the two be.

The parents were against the relationship. (Omar and Tecra) did not spend the number of days they had planned to in Naivasha. After three days, they were back in Lamu. She pledged to remain loyal to Lali and her parents eventually accepted her choice.

Life in Lamu
The duo’s affair became known to majority in Shella, Lamu Island.

It is alleged Tecra took up the Islam religion and even secured a job for Lali’s relative in her parents-run Keroche Breweries.

To top it up, Lali had even introduced Tecra to his friends and relatives, who did not have any choice but to let them be.

Omar is very famous. He is known to have children even abroad with different women, but as family, we cannot judge him. We accepted his new wife after he introduced her to us.

According to Mohamed Ali, Tecra’s parents gave her a vehicle to run errands with while in Lamu and had it parked at the Mokowe Yard and the Lamu mainland.

Further revealing that her family even sent her drinks.

On that regard, Omar’s cousin does not understand why the aging man was implicated in a death scandal that even the Keroche family knew he was if anything, innocent.

We are now wondering why Lali is being treated as a criminal yet the family was aware of the relationship.

Omar Lali detained
For Omar Lali’s mother, Aisha Mohamed, her son is innocent and might have been framed. AD